Unreachable 17/10/2007


The first steps seem so damn far away
I was running forward, breathing all that was coming after
Like a fire growing intensely, more than a cosmic phoenix
travelling light speed.
And now it's just...failure.

When you crash into yourself
And the future you’ve been planning
Turns to be a fading picture
Of a distant innocence

Years spent to live it in advance
False belief and misled coherence
Like two parallels you wont ever meet it
The false ego you’ve always been pursuing

Like Icarus you burn your wings
And the fall won’t end but in your hell

Mind's bent over - fall forever
So down it's sickening, my wings were melt by delusions of glory

Lost for every sense I built
The feeling I am out of reach by
The ghostly impressions that I bound
Won't turn me into eternity

The day my dreams escaped my lungs
My only mate has become doubts
The pressures of a promised land
Could twist you into a monsterman

Oh where I go when everything's darkening
Hide in a place I cannot keep safe from
Hopes that I broke and bite my spirit
I must let this dark in me

(C) 2007 Diego K. Pierini