"Forgive Not Forget" 14/01/2010


I need to find
A fix for mine
To forgive is easy
Forgettin’ is not

I can’t help but keeping all inside me

Disillusion and wounds I push deep
They dissolve in the fogs of time
Sleepers they come knockin’ at my soul

Nevermind for smiles
You keep caressing my pains
Sugar words fall apart
Unlock the Pandora’s box
You ask for something I can’t grant
As it stood there for too long

You can be at my side, under my roof
No matter what you say
But your remorse can’t make undone
[And in my heart I got’em all]

All the things you have denied
For the sake of your pointless egoism
All the words you never heard
My desires you would never get
All the days I spent trying to forget how long I had to bear all this

Hiding in nowhere
Come on taste it
The bitterness of what I lost for you

[I can forgive but I’ll never forget]

Walk in my shoes
Trying to bury
The tears and rage that you made shed
But how can I forget

And what if nothing proved you wrong
Been fighting too long
God knows I tried make it clear
But it was only a waste of time

After I dissolve this bond
I’ve kept searching
The reason for this fucking dog-eats-dog politics
And the way to listen to your prayers
But it was only like recharging a gun

This struggle deafened me and made me numb
Deafened and numb

Diego K. Pierini (C) 2009d