Lifestream Explorer 23/05/2008

Lifestream Explorer

System boot strap: life begins.
Experience file created
Existence established as a database
Of incremental elements of conscience
Logfile locked, user access denied

Stuck into a directional vector
Nothing seems to be up to change
I upgrade myself to a script of thoughts
Bound to nothingness
Where all is prone to renew(al)

Detached from physical necessity
Moving lightspeed thru a system scan
Refresh locations as a timewarp
As space and time
Are colliding in virtuality

Stepping backwards
In the logs
I’m rewinding life

On never’s byte
Beholds a virtual soul
[Refresh Beginning]
Another byte downfall

Signals found in the system:
The presence of an onboard backdoor
is tracked on multiple stack positions.
Interface access shut for failsafe, loading read-only setup.

Do I kill my
Relied life
Or simulations
In sorted files