Terminal Velocity 17/10/2007


We're starving
For thrilling
The edge

Bury the limits
Pour some salt in the wounds
Climb the highest heights
Lust for disintegration
Sold as stimulation

The most is done
The time is going
But where's to find the golden chest

What has today got to offer
The stains of our adrenaline, just artificial fears
We walk under a well known sun, as stuck inside a matchbox
The more we're getting the less we're in touch with
Celebrity as a puppet show, and everywhere's the place to be
Betrayed, we're deaf, we push forever more, we run on a dead end track, but we just wanna speed up!

So fasten your seatbelt, destination unrelevant, there's nothing to discover
We just inspire the burning air, we're longing for the fireworks welcome to the show!

Noone will save us, it's terminal velocity.
We're ride on the surface, the impact is imminent
[This is not a game]

Where has our mindless run to get
No time for an insight we're rushing for the new drug
As we can't see the effort is fine, but the directions are misleading
We are just tangent when we should assimilate,
internalize, to generate a dancing star, from chaos...

Decreasing: not a choice


(C) 2007 Diego K. Pierini