1984 - SNAKEZ "DISPLEASING", 2005 24/06/2007

Lyrics by Diego K. Pierini, (C) 2004

Paralyzed by so-called law
To prevent risk of social progress
[I’ve] Learned to cut a private space
Inside [a] fictitious existence, in my will
Gotta start to pragmatize it
Higher ways of political dissent
Shall I hide or shall I refuse [it all]
And join the party I have been taught to hate?

And I have started to fall
Come on tell you trust in us
Don’t see lights, out of the tunnel
We won’t be satisfied like this
How many tortures will I bear
In the end I have learned what to think not just how to behaved

There’s a worldwide sovereing power
Scanning to route people’s inner pulsions
And the mechanism of arguments
simply lost its reason to be
Eye-nalyzed in every shade
Even those fields that made us call ourselves humans
So this have crushed the problem of trends
They built’em right inside our fear-controlled minds

And I have come to a dead end
We own the means to make you follow
I gave up, [I’ve lost] more than my conscience
You are now socially right
Hardly remind all that I’ve betrayed
They delete what’s a threat to the safety of legitimate state

Who rules the past will control the future
Who’s controlling the ‘now’ will rule the past

And I will always fall
We rule your fears and your desires
They made me glad, by making me nothing
Your opinion is not relevant
Vacuum filled: a new citizen

With the soul I’ve lost then I paid for all I had mistrusted